When we tweeted the above, few knew what it meant.

The early 2022 decision to release a pfp project was not taken lightly, it was not framed around solely pfps, and it was part of a much larger plan.  A 30+ artist pipeline was built to create Akutars for future 3D uses.


What is an Aku Crib?

Built in Unreal Engine 5 - the development software of Epic Games - Aku Cribs are indoor/outdoor homes and advanced profiles for your unique digital identity(s).
Aku Crib features:
• Seamlessly swap among all owned Akutars
• Play as your fully rigged 3D identities
• Display any wallet-owned art
• Watch Aku Chapters and video via movie screen
• Size and arrange environment elements
• Save and return to designed environments

What happens today?

Birthed in digital Web3, Aku has always built alongside its community. Aku Chapters are a perfect example and were the earliest 10 Chapter Aku storyboard.

When it comes to a build of Aku Cribs’ magnitude, quality standards were established before going public - specifically, when all 15,000 identities could be rigged to a quality threshold and environments could be dynamically adjusted and saved.

After almost a year since the idea of Akutars and a several month Cribs push, it’s go time!

Today Aku Cribs enters a rolling early alpha release to 50 individuals. This group will be PC based and engage in an intense bug hunting and testing phase, before evolving to a larger alpha group later this year.

What Does It All Mean?

Aku Cribs are not only homes. They represent a new era for Akutar holders and Aku community members.

Hello to fully rigged identities and dynamic environments within a high fidelity, powerful game engine.

Hello to possibilities including traits, bodies, environments, levels, interaction, and a world of partnership inclusion.

It’s been real pfps ✌️