With the aid of his magical helmet, Aku embarks on a thrilling journey through the metaverse, connecting others with their dreams. Aku's mission is to empower children worldwide to dream without limits and to pursue their wildest aspirations with passion and enthusiasm. With his infectious energy and boundless creativity, Aku inspires kids to believe in themselves and to reach for the stars.

Join Aku on his incredible adventure and discover the limitless possibilities of the human imagination!

The Aku


Aku’s mission is to empower all kids to have the audacity to dream without limits and to break down barriers to chase those dreams. He does this through innovative content that resonates, educates, and inspires them to believe that anything is possible.

Build Worlds Around Dreams
Build Worlds Around Dreams


Children today are growing up in a digital world, where they’re connecting, engaging and creating online. Rather than resisting this change, we embrace it. We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that the metaverse is inclusive and welcoming for all.



A boy with low self-confidence finds a magical helmet that transports him to the metaverse, where he meets Aku, a respected leader. Aku helps the boy navigate the metaverse and realize that his dreams are limitless. Together, they recreate the helmet to allow Aku to go to the real world. Once on Earth, Aku is fascinated learning about the Earth cultures and experiences he encounters, while using his technical expertise and confident personality to guide and inspire children around the world.

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